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Advansia Drone (Malaysia)


Advansia Drone  (Malaysia) was incorporated in 2019. In the initial years, the effort was made in the sourcing, research, and development of localized in-house design and assemble of agriculture drones for agrochemical spraying activities to reduce dependency on human labor-intensive methods. Our first product was ADV-10, which was a 10L drone sprayer equipped with the latest drone technology. It is most suitable for agrochemical spraying with minimum human contact for safe & easy operation for the paddy and corn cultivation activities. We provide high-quality, easy-to-operate, high efficient pesticide spraying drones such as ADV-10 (10 Liters) and ADV-16 (16 Liters). 


Advansia Drone Team as of March 2021

ADV Drones Model Available 
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