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Advansia Drone (Malaysia)




Technology Advances Agriculture


Higher Efficiency

ADV-10's can spray at least 1 hectares(2.47 acres) in just one single full-charged battery in 15 minutes, which can't be done by a single worker in 20 minutes. ADV-10 can spray up to 3 hectares per hour. By clicking a button on the drone controller, you can sit back and relax, waiting for the crops to be sprayed. An easy-to-use application is provided to allows farmers to estimate and calculate the spraying area, set and change the flight pathway, resulting in grasping the total amount of pesticide needed for spraying.

Higher Volume 

ADV-10's maximum tank loading can hold up to 10 liters of fluid (pesticide/fertilizer). A volume of 10 liters is perfect enough to spray approximately an area of 0.5 hectares. A filter is included to remove free-floating particulate, large flakes, gels, precipitates, oily film, or any other signs of incompatibility to prevent clogging of nozzle and ensure smooth flow rate. 

Precision Spraying 

One piece of high-pressure nozzles are equipped on every arm to optimize the amount of liquid sprayed. The downward airflow generated by the drone's carbon fiber material propellers increases the pesticide spray's speed, maximizing its area reach. Even the back of the crop can be seen sprayed with droplets of pesticide. The flow rate of 1.65~1.70 liter per minute, resulting in "Spraying More with Less."

Higher Battery Capacity

ADV-10 uses only one battery, a capacity of 16000 mAh, which allows the flying duration of 15 to 20 minutes. A few extra batteries are provided in one package, which saves time for the battery charging process and spraying for more area. There is even a battery indicator equipped that shows the remaining charges of battery left.

ADV-10 Features 



intelligent route planning & failsafe one button home feature


Flexible flight mode- Manual/semiauto/auto


Real-time flight status monitoring


Automatical alert about obstacles ahead 


Bluetooth connection &

gps navigation ready

ADV Drones Model Available 
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