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Durian Solutions

Contain exclusively a full durian foliar solutions for durian planters in Malaysia from flushing stage to flowering stage. Dosage recommended and spraying frequency are all provided in one comprehensible infographic. Available in English, Chinese, and Malay.

1)Abado 50W

2)Acuren 25WP

3)Alanda 2.8EC

4)Aron 5.4EC

Abado 50WP & Acuren 25WP
Abado 50WP & Acuren 25WP

Aron 5.4EC & Alanda 2.8EC

1) Axtra Roots

2) Aplus Cal

3) Speedfol 20-20-20

4) A- Cal Mix

5) AMG Mix

6) Amira

7) AZ Plus

8) Nano

9) Axtra PK60

10) A-Zinc Mix

11) Multisuc

12) XL

13) Speedfol 12-6-36

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