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星洲90周年慶晚宴(Sin Chew Daily 90th Anniversary Gala Dinner)

提升公司知名度 “我們自2009年就開始與星洲日報合作進行廣告宣傳,成功提升公司的形象與知名度,這次也很榮幸可以成爲經典名號的其中一家企業。在此祝賀星洲日報繼續做的更好,為大衆提供更正確的資訊與新聞。” ——ADVANSIA 私人有限公司董事經理藍靖喜——

Enhance Company Visibility Since 2009, we have cooperated with Sin Chew Daily to conduct advertising campaigns and successfully enhance the company’s image and popularity. This time, we are honored to be one of the companies in the Honored Brand Series. Congratulations to Sin Chew Daily for doing better and providing more accurate information and news to the public. -Mr Lam Chin Hee MD of Advansia Sdn Bhd-


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